WATCH: First Stakeholder Meeting Takes Place

access_time 1 year ago

Leyton Orient held its first stakeholder meeting on Friday night – an event which will occur 3-4 times a year to gauge feedback on key areas, and to help improve.

To watch the full video, you can click here – otherwise, you can catch up with the notes below.


  • Going forward we will be hosting 3-4 Stakeholder meetings per year

The impact of COVID-19 on the Club

  • Now budgeting an additional loss of £2m this year due to COVID, bringing total loss up to £3m.
  • We would like to thank our fans and sponsors for their loyalty over the last few months.


  • Leyton Orient in 3rd in the League Two table in terms of away match passes purchased behind Bolton (1st) and Bradford (2nd).
  • We are not as high in home match pass sales because of the amount of Season Card Holders who have renewed, which is a good thing.


  • The half-time show is well received and valued due to other clubs not providing this.
  • The camerawork can be inconsistent, are we in control of the camera? We are provided with external camera operators but we forward any feedback we receive from fans onto the camera operators and the providers.

  •  Is there something the club can do to resolve the problem with SCH not being entitled to watch cup competitions complimentary?
    The cup competitions are sold as international broadcast packages. We challenged the EFL on this at the beginning of the season and continue to do so now and hope to be able to see change on this subject. We have also been pushing the league to allows SCH to see away games complimentary. There are talks about giving SCH away games at a reduced price.

  • Sound quality can be inconsistent as well such as it being behind/ahead of the video.

    Again, the majority of these sound issues are out of our control but we do have the ability to address these audio inconsistencies in-house and actually our investment into our studio equipment has come to our rescue a couple of times where other teams have not been so lucky.

  • Simon Brierley – When fans are back in the stadium what will happen to the stream?

    We have had conversations about this matter. We are in constant dialogue on how we can continue to grow our international viewers. We are also considering airing the pre-match / post-match show for free on Facebook/Youtube when fans return.

The Return of Crowds

  • DCMS expect pilot sports events to return in December/January

General Q&A

  • Has the Club still got plans for the safe standing areas?

    At the moment it is not at the top of our agenda. It is exceptionally expensive, most likely a 7 figure number, and a long process of installing.

  • Would we be consulting fans with regards with the B teams being introduced into the league?

    There has been no dialogue between us, the EFL or anyone regarding this. There have been discussions about loan players from the Premier League.

  • When fans are allowed back in, are there any alternative parking areas to the roads that now have restrictions?

    We are in dialogue with the council about this, we are visiting potential sites for people to be able to park in. The hockey arena has now become available which will be a massive help on matchdays. We are looking into alternative routes for people to take i.e. part journey drive, part journey public transport.

  • Can we give any indication on how the support package from the Premier League will be distributed?

    We expect it to be dictated by gate receipts that have been lost between March and now.

  • Would there be any considerations for family applications for the credit scheme?

    We are constantly evaluating the credit scheme and taking feedback on board from fans. We are trying to maximise the value of all Season Cards but we are trying to find the balance between value for fans and addressing the projected £3m loss.

  • Is there any way the disabled area can be raised due to fans in front standing up and blocking views?

    We can’t raise the area due to us potentially blocking other fans’ views. We are looking to crack down on fans standing up in these areas.

  • Do we have any intention of launching international memberships/clubs?

    We are currently looking at launching an international membership this season and looking to launching official fan clubs around the world. We are also in the process of forming partnerships with clubs all around the world.

  • Why were the Club so quick to support project big picture?

    The criticisms of the project were the loss of governance of the league and filtering B teams into the lower leagues. We were in favour of the project due to the international potential of the project.

  • What is the possibility of a friendly with Hearts due to the connection we have with the club with WWI?

    We will look into this; it seems like a plausible idea.

  • Has COVID affected our plans for the pitch?

    We have a couple of projects which may move the replacement of the pitch forward. We don’t think artificial pitches will be in the EFL any time soon. We are keen on Desso and SIS pitches.

  • What is Martin’s view on the Papa Johns Trophy with a few fans being sceptical of the trophy?

    We believe it is a great chance to give players pitch time and it gets very interesting when you get to the quarter-final stage.

  • Are we looking to bring in more loanees? What is Martin’s thoughts on where we are in the league at the moment?

    The transfer window opens in Jan and we have been having dialogue and believe we could do with 1 or 2 more loanees. Martin says look at the table after 15 games. We are happy with where we are, but we know we can improve of how we have started, we believe we can push for playoffs.