Return of Fans Social Bubble Conditions Confirmed

access_time 1 year ago

We can now confirm the ‘social bubble’ conditions for groups of up to 6 2020/21 Season Card Holders who wish to attend matches at The Breyer Group Stadium following the current lockdown.

What is a ‘Social Bubble’?

In the UK, a ‘social bubble’ is a group of people from the same household, that do not have to social distance from each other and who are therefore permitted to sit or stand together in a sports ground.

It is also permitted for members of a ‘support bubble’ to mix with their respective social bubble without social distancing, therefore also sit or stand together at a sports ground.

Note: this definition is subject to regular review.

What is a ‘Support Bubble’?

In the UK a ‘support bubble’ is defined as a coming together of one household already forming a social bubble, plus either one other adult who lives alone, or one other single parent with children under the age of 18 (in which case those children will also be included within the ‘support bubble’).

How will Social Bubbles work when attending The Breyer Group Stadium?

  • Season Card Holders who wish to attend matches at The Breyer Group Stadium in groups of up to 6 people, MUST all live in the same household with exception of a support bubble member. (see Below)
  • Season Card Holders who are part of a ‘support bubble’ may also attend matches if they live in up to TWO different households.
  • Fans who are not part of either a social bubble or support bubble ARE NOT permitted to attend matches together at The Breyer Group Stadium.
  • Due to The Club currently being in Tier 2, only fans who reside in either Tier 1 or Tier 2 are permitted to attend.
  • Fans residing in a Tier 3 area will not currently be permitted to attend matches at The Breyer Group Stadium, this will be subject to regular review by the UK government.

The definition of a Social Bubble is subject to constant review and fans will be updated as and when the definition changes.