Credit Scheme For 21/22 Season Cards Back Open

The credit scheme for current Season Card Holders is back open – where supporters can save money off of 21/22 season cards.

Season Card Holders who spent upward of £230 on their 2020/21 Card will be able to claim credit towards their 2021/22 Season Card.

“We would once again like to recognise the huge on-going support of our Season Card Holders during recent months,” said Chief Executive Danny Macklin.

“We want to provide the credit option to carry forward to the 2021/22 season. However, for those able and willing to pass that credit back to the Club, we thank you.

This will help reduce the extensive losses caused by the effects of COVID-19. Furthermore, I would like to thank the thousands of fans who have so far watched our popular streaming service. We hope that with the roll-out of the vaccine that the return of crowds to The Breyer Group Stadium will soon be with us.

As ever we welcome any suggestions and feedback on how we can improve your experience, both now and when you can return to cheer us on in person.”

To apply for credit, please fill in the form here.

Why are we reopening the scheme?

Due to extended restrictions in the UK, and further games played behind closed doors, we wanted to give fans as much opportunity as possible to claim credit towards next season. Please note, if you have already filled this in once, you will not have to do it again.

How does the Credit Scheme work?

For every game this season played behind closed doors, or where Season Card Holders are unsuccessful in applying for a ticket via any home league game ballot, they will receive the difference between the average game price of their Season Card, less the standard £10 streaming pass cost.

Credit is offered for each individual Season Card purchased costing more than £230 – and for example, multiple cards in the same booking do not count towards this total.

Individual Season Card credits from 20/21 Season Card will be applied at the time of purchase of your 21/22 Season Card and full details will be announced in due course.

What if I’ve already filled the form in?

If you’ve already filled this in back in November when it was first launched, then please do not fill in the form again.

If you have any further questions regarding the 2020/21 Season Card Holder credit scheme, please visit our dedicated FAQ here.