A catch up with Barts Charity

access_time 8 months ago

Whilst many of us have been told to stay at home the past 11 months, for some, this wasn’t an option.


Our Head of Commercial, Josh Stephens had the pleasure of catching up with Barts Charity this week, the benefactor of our “Thankyou Frontline Heroes” home shirt, to hear a little more about Barts Charity and the efforts of the hospitals they work with.

We feel it is important to share this interview as it truly shows the strides Barts Charity and our Frontline Heroes have been going through during this period.

Since the interview, we are delighted to hear from Barts Charity, that cases in East London – whilst still extremely high, have started to fall.

The club want to thank everyone associated with the O’s for their efforts in combating COVID-19. It has been a long and gruelling period for all, but let’s continue our efforts so we can get back to a place where we can hug our families, see our friends and come back to our second home, The Breyer Group Stadium.