access_time 8 months ago

We have extended our Credit Scheme window for all qualifying Season Card Holders until 5pm Sunday 25th April.

Season Card Holders who spent upward of £230 on their 2020/21 Season Card have another opportunity to claim a credit to go towards their 2021/22 Season Card.

With 2021/22 Season Card news imminent, we have re-opened the 20/21 Credit Scheme today for the final time. Qualifying Season Card Holders can choose to opt-in by filling in the form that is linked lower down this email. Those who wish to support the Club and opt-out of the scheme are also encouraged to complete the below form.


How will the scheme work?

For every game this season played behind closed doors or with a reduced crowd, you will receive the difference between the cost of your Season Card and the £10 cost per game of streaming matches this season (£230).

For Example: an adult Season Card Holder who paid £330 to sit in the Justin Edinburgh Stand will receive a total credit of £100 to go towards the cost of their 2021/22 Season Card.

Final deadline to apply is 5pm Sunday 25th April!

To opt-in or opt-out of the Credit Scheme, please complete the form using the below link: