2020/21 Season Card Credit Scheme opened to more Card Holders

access_time 7 months ago

We are pleased to confirm the 2020/21 Season Card Credit scheme has been opened up to all adult and concession Season Card Holders.

The Credit Scheme, which was re-opened last week and will close for the final time at 5pm on Friday 7th May 2021, gives qualifying Season Card Holders the opportunity to claim a credit to go towards reducing the purchase price of their 2021/22 Season Card.

Who qualifies for the Credit Scheme?

Prior to today, the credit scheme was only open to Season Card Holders who purchased their 2020/21 Season Card for upward of £230.

From today, all adult and concession 2020/21 Season Card Holders can apply for credit. We believe this incentive finds a balance between rewarding the loyalty of Season Card Holders whilst providing the Club with the ability to be sustainable.

What if I have already applied for the 2020/21 Season Card Credit?

If you have previously applied for the 2020/21 Season Card Credit, please do not do so again. We have all previous submissions on record and do not require anyone to apply again.

How much credit can I receive to go towards my 2021/22 Season Card?

All adult and concession Season Card Holders who paid £230 or less for their 2020/21 Card and opt-in to the scheme will receive 20% of the cost of their 2020/21 Season Card as credit to reduce the purchase price of their 2021/22 Season Card.


Stand/Seat Cost of Seat Credit that can be claimed (20%)*
Qualiteach Community Stand
Adult (25-64) (Early Bird) £189 £37.80
Concession (Early Bird) £135 £27.00
Adult (25-64) £214 £42.80
Concession £154 £30.80
Q2W Tommy Johnston South Stand
Concession (Early Bird) £199 £39.80
Concession £225 £45.00
Green Inc East Stand / Justin Edinburgh Stand
Concession (Early Bird) £209 £41.80

*Final price of 2021/22 Season Card will be rounded to the nearest £5 after credit has been applied.

All qualifying Season Card Holders who paid above £230 will receive a sum equalling the cost of their Season Card minus the £230 streaming fee for the season (£10 x 23 home league matches). This includes all Season Card Holders in this bracket who have already opted-in to the Credit Scheme.

Example: An adult Season Card Holder in the Justin Edinburgh stand will receive a credit of £100 to go towards reducing the purchase price of their 2021/22 Season Card.

Can I further support the Club and opt-out of the scheme?

Yes! At present, the club estimates an additional cash requirement in excess of £2m as a result of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate the pandemic has been tough for everyone so whilst we encourage supporters to support the Club as much as they can, we also encourage supporters to opt-in to the Credit Scheme if that is the most financially viable option to them. Those who wish to opt-out of the Credit Scheme are asked to complete the below form and state they are opting out.

All those who have not completed the form by 5pm on Friday 7th May will be automatically defaulted to opting out of the Credit Scheme.

We would like to thank all Season Card Holders for their continued support during these difficult times.