U18's Report and Gallery: Crystal Palace 3-4 Leyton Orient

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Orient win after a dramatic last-minute goal

Orient started off strong on the front foot with a goal inside six minutes. A great delivery from Charlie Pegrum found its way to Smith-Kouassi who took his shot well finding the bottom left corner.

Playing with confidence Orient were being a threat to Palace’s defence with Nkrumah leading the attack after a powerful run down the channel, winning the team a corner, however, this came to nothing.

Not long after, Orient had a great opportunity to score a second, as a counterattack broke out with both Nkrumah and Kouassi on the attack against one defender. Kouassi carried the ball and had a shot on goal, although it was comfortable enough for the keeper.

Crystal Palace had a fair amount of control on the ball, but none of their passages of play amounted to anything threatening thus far.

Orient were the ones creating the chances with great link up play between Kouassi and Charlie Pegrum which saw the ball set for Charlie, whose shot was deflected and went narrowly wide of the goal.

The corner was taken by Charlie Pegrum, which was aiming for Apat, but he was pushed in the box and the referee awarded a penalty to Orient.

The penalty was taken by Charlie Pegrum who converted from the spot kick going straight down the middle, that’s two penalties scored in two consecutive games.

Palace were trying to find a way into the game which saw them get a header on target, but it didn’t trouble Phillips.

The ball was going back and forth until Crystal Palace had a free kick just outside the box. This was then scored after a mistake from Phillips.

Not long after, Crystal Palace found momentum in their passing and attacks as a corner found its way to their attacker and he scored with a header from close range.

After this, the half was much quieter with no real key chances from either team. This concluded the first half seeing both teams deadlocked.


The second half started and both teams were slow to get going again. The first shot came in the 60th minute from Orient’s Nkrumah but it didn’t trouble the keeper.

Despite this, Tanga collected the ball on the right wing and after some good footwork he found a shot which deflected into the back of the net.

Later on during the second half, Orient were stringing together some nice passages of play, but the final pass and shot wasn’t there.

Hard work was shown with tracking back from Davies to retrieve the ball back. He then ran the length of the pitch and squared the ball into the box, but it was intercepted and went out for a corner.

Palace won a free kick in a dangerous position which was defended well by Orient but the referee saw a foul in the box, awarding a penalty to Palace. This was then buried in the bottom right corner, with Sworder narrowly missing it.

That goal seemed to have decided the game with it being so late in the half, but Orient decided otherwise. A great diagonal ball from Tanga was flicked on causing a scramble for the ball, which found its way to Nkrumah who converted from close range.

This concluded a crazy game of football which saw Orient beat Crystal Palace away in a friendly.


Leyton Orient:

Phillips, Kwatchey, Apat, Eaton, Tanga, Ojo, Staerck, Sodje, Charlie Pegrum, Smith-Kouassi, Nkrumah


Sworder, Hajdini, Reggie Pegrum, Davies


6’ Smith-Kouassi   20’ Charlie Pegrum   67’ Tanga   90’ Nkrumah