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Reggie Pegrum: 'Get to Know'

access_time 2 months ago

Interview with our very own Reggie Pegrum

Can you just tell us a little bit about your footballing background and when you joined Leyton Orient?

“I started off just playing Sunday league with my mates, I spent quite a few years going around to different clubs trialling out. When I was 14, I had a trial at Leyton Orient and got a scholarship from there. When I first came to Orient I started at the development squad and from there been at Orient ever since.”

What position do you play, and what made you want to play there?

“I’m a right back, I had a meeting with the manager at the time, and he just said because of the competition ahead of me in centre midfield there was more of a pathway to the first team if I converted into a right back, so that was the main reason why.”

If you had to compare yourself to a player in your position that best resembles your playing style, who would it be and why?

“I would probably say Trent Alexander Arnold, because I started like him converted from a centre midfielder into a right back. I would probably say like him my best attributes are my range of passing and crossing.”

Do you have any goals that you want to achieve with your time at Leyton Orient?

“The main goal for me, obviously, like the main reason you go to pro clubs is to progress on then progress to the first team. What I’m focused on is getting a pro contract and going on from there.”

Can you remember what your first pair of football boots were?

“I think they were a pair of little umbros, because I was so young when I started off playing football. I think they were the only make that sold boots in my size because I was so young when I started playing. They were blue and grey.”

What football team do you support? And who’s your favourite player?

“I support West Ham and my favourite player it’s got to be Declan Rice, I think it’s just the way he’s progressed from the academy at West Ham through to the first team. That’s what dreams are made of, to have gone through the academy and play for the first team.”

What is your favourite food?

“I’d probably say pie and mash, you can’t go wrong with a pie and mash.”

What sort of music do you listen to?

“I don’t have a specific taste; it depends where I’m at and what’s going on. I listen to different songs for when I’m travelling to football. I just have a wide range of music that I listen to.”

What is your favourite song to listen to before a game?

“There’s two songs that I mainly like listening to before a game. I would say ‘All of the lights’ by Kanye West and ‘Chosen One’ by Polo G.”

Who inspires you as a young person?

“The main people that have inspired me is my parents, just because since the start they’ve always sacrificed so much. There have been times where I was training six times a week and then they would make the time, or I would have training four nights a week and have games on the weekend. They would find the time to get me to football six times a week, the fact that they’ve sacrificed that much for my career it always inspires me to work hard and make it for them.”

What’s your all-time favourite TV show and film?

“Favourite film I would say Wolf of Wall Street, and Money Heist for TV show. That’s a top series.”