Reon Smith-Kouassi: 'Get to Know'

access_time 1 month ago

interview with our very own Reon Smith-Kouassi 

Can you just tell us a little bit about your footballing background and when you joined Leyton Orient?

“I never took football that seriously until I was 12 or 13 years old. I played a couple of showcase games but never really came to anything. I came to Leyton Orient and scored a couple of goals; I came on trial in December 2018. Then after two weeks they signed me, since then I’ve been here.”

What position do you play, and what made you want to play there?

“To be fair I never really wanted to be a striker, I used to play centre mid/centre attacking midfield and then I played on the wing, then striker, but I’ve played everywhere even in defence. I’m quite quick and I’m a decent size for my age so they just stuck me at the back. I’ve grown into being a striker and learnt a lot about it so it’s my favourite position to play.”

If you had to compare yourself to a player in your position that best resembles your playing style, who would it be and why?

“I think I play like Lukaku, because obviously he is big and strong as well. He has had loads of ups and downs; he’s had to work on loads of things to have been what he is now. I think we have a similar play style.”

What would you say is your best attribute?

“I think I’m quite good at running with the ball at speed, and I think I’ve got a good shot on me as well.”

Do you have any goals that you want to achieve with your time at Leyton Orient?

“This season is important in me getting a scholar, and I’m hoping to get some sessions with the first team in the holidays. Maybe play in the reserve team for the starters, but yeah I’m just going to go with the flow of things.”

What football team do you support? And who’s your favourite player?

“I support Man United, to be honest when I was really young, I used to support Arsenal. My mum’s side supported Arsenal, I must’ve come home one day when my dad was wearing one of his Man United tops and my mum lost it. To be fair United have been shambolic. My favourite player would probably be Pogba and Neymar, the way they create especially Neymar, the way he brings flair to the game and things like that.”

What is your favourite food?

“It’s an African dish called Jollof, I can live on that. I could eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

What sort of music do you listen to?

“I listen to UK music but I’m more of a fan of American music like Lil Baby. I’m a big Lil Baby fan I can’t lie.”

What is your favourite song to listen to before a game?

“I don’t really have a certain song, but I have a pre match hype playlist. Just songs that get you in the mood, with AirPods up all the way. So, I don’t have a particular song it’s just that playlist.”

Who inspires you as a young person?

“My dad is a really big part of what I am now, he’s kept me going and he didn’t grow up with everything he wanted, but things he done in his life inspires me to do things for myself and I get that same change that he got for himself.”

What’s your all-time favourite TV show and film? 

“There’s this film called ‘Instant Family’, some adoption thing and they’re immature and things like that, but that’s my favourite film. Series, as of late it’s probably this series that I’m watching called ‘You’ which is pretty decent.”