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An incredible gesture, that continues to be a magical partnership

access_time 1 month ago

The build up to the 2020/21 season was rocked by the pandemic, and searching for front of shirt partners during this period was extremely challenging. Having lost a deal which was on the table, when the pandemic struck it was back to the drawing board.

“Which former O’s players have made it?”

Harry Kane was at the very top of the list. A call was set up with Harry and his team and, within minutes, it was clear there was a partnership being built. This amazing partnership saw the front of shirt ​sponsorship being donated to Barts Charity (“Thank you Frontline Heroes”), Haven House Children’s Hospice and Mind.

Two Sponsorship of the Year Awards later, Harry and his team commit​ted to the 2021/22 season, which saw the return of fans, with front of shirt partners Tommy Club, Haven House Children​’s Hospice and Mind.

This season has seen ex-servicemen and women from Tommy Club, families from Haven House and staff and guests from Mind come to the Breyer Group Stadium to watch the O’s in action.

Josh Stephens, Head of Commercial at Leyton Orient, said: “This partnership continues to go from strength to strength, and now having fans and guests from the charities back in the stadium ​has made it even more incredible.

“I will give one example ​of why this partnership is magic and has a real impact. A couple of weeks ago we hosted a young family, mum, dad and their two boys at the stadium ​- they are supported by Haven House. Their youngest son had cerebral palsy and mum was a little nervous to how he would react in such a busy and noisy space. Luckily for her she need not worry, as every time the O’s fans cheered his face lit up, ​and smiles and giggles ​followed. Their eldest son, whose birthday was a few days later, received a personal message from the main man himself, Harry. It was magic, I have never seen an 11-year-old so desperate for Monday to come so he could show his friends at school.

“Not only did mum and dad have the challenges with their youngest son to contend with, ​but sadly they ​also lost their daughter aged 2 a few months earlier. For me seeing that family here at the Breyer Group Stadium, chatting, sharing stories, laughing, and creating new memories is what this partnership is about. Creating a safe space for our charities’ guests to come to is a collective effort, from the staff at the stadium, the players on the pitch putting in a performance, to the fans creating a truly memorable atmosphere and it’s something we all should be very proud of.”

Thank you Harry; thank you Charlie, Lois and Pat; thank you O’s players and staff, and thank you to our amazing O’s fans.

Check out our charity partners’ websites and socials for more information – they all do such incredible work:

Tommy Club:, @RBLI

Haven House Children’s Hospice:, @HavenHouseCH

Mind:, @MindCharity