2020/21 Season Card Holder Credit Scheme Form

As a Season Card Holder, we are presenting an option to apply a credit towards your 2021/22 Season Card… So how will this work? 

If you have paid £230 or more for your 2020/21 Season Card, you are entitled to receive credit on your account to be put towards your 2021/22 Season Card.

For every game this season played behind closed doors, or where you are unsuccessful in applying for a ticket via any home league game ballot, you will receive the difference between the average game price of your Season Card, less the standard £10 streaming pass cost:

  • So, if you were to miss 10 home league games: £330 Season Card Early Bird price / 23 games = £14.34 per game less £10 streaming cost = £4.34 x 10 games = £43.40 credit which will be applied towards your 2021/22 Season Card renewal.

What if I have purchased more than one Season Card?

You will be able to request credit for every Season Card you have purchased for £230 or more. You will also be able to choose to claim credit or donate the balance of each Season Card on an individual basis.

If you wish to donate this credit to The Club, then you do not need to complete the survey – all donations will be used to reduce the current estimated £2m ‘cost of COVID-19’. Season Card Holders are encouraged to complete the below form by Monday 30th November at 5pm. If you have not completed this form by Monday 30th at 5pm, you will be automatically defaulted to opting out of the credit scheme.

If you have any further questions regarding the 2020/21 Season Card Holder credit scheme, please see our dedicated FAQ here.

Please ensure you submit the form by clicking on the ‘Next’ button until you are presented with the ‘Submit’ button.