Position: Striker
Signed: 17/06/2021
DOB: 1/12/1993

Liliana Almeida's Biography

Liliana Almeida is a 27-year-old natural athlete with great intelligence and coordination.

She lives local to the stadium and attended local schools before attending Barking Abbey Basketball Academy. She went on to play basketball in Canada and America before returning to the UK and transferring her skills to the football pitch as a striker.

“I was born in Portugal but moved to East London when I was just five years old,” said Liliana. “I attended Bancroft and Lammas School before going on to Barking Abbey Basketball Academy.”

“When I was a young girl, I used to play football at the Score Centre opposite the stadium and had a longing to one day have the opportunity to play for Leyton Orient!

To actually now be a part of something at Leyton Orient that is also pushing women’s football in the right direction is a great opportunity,  and I am grateful to have this chance to be a part of my local Women’s football team.”