Official Workforce Management Partner: Quinyx

Quinyx is a leading workforce management solution providing technology that simplifies scheduling, time reporting, communication, task management, budgeting and forecasting, thanks to AI-driven scheduling automation. Through advanced and flexible features, Quinyx helps more than 850 companies around the world improve efficiency, engage employees, comply with regulations, and reduce labour costs.

In 2020, Leyton Orient because the first football club to partner with Quinyx. As part of the partnership, the Club uses the Quinyx Workforce Management platform for their scheduling, communication, employee engagement, time reporting and attendance.


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Meet The Partners

Andreas Sjolund, Co-founder and CRO

What is your favourite memory involving the O’s? When I got to play with Matt Lockwood at the Play With A Legend event.

Tell us a motto you live by. Your heart is free; have the courage to follow it.

Tell us a secret! I was a bit afraid of John Mackie at the Play With A Legend event!