We are looking for a young Colchester United fan attending our Boxing Day fixture to help us read out the teams before the match.

As part of our latest matchday fixture here at the Breyer Group Stadium – Onnounce the Teams – we are giving an O’s and a U’s youngster the chance to read out their club’s matchday squad for our Boxing Day tie on Thursday 26 December.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, confident youngster who knows the names of the U’s players and who won’t mind speaking on the microphone. If you think this describes your youngster and they are attending our Boxing Day game here in E10, please apply by emailing [email protected] with their name, age and a parent / guardian contact telephone number, clearly stating that you’re a Colchester United supporter. The successful candidate will then be contacted in due course with further details.

Please note that the young Colchester fan will be required to have a valid match ticket and be in the stadium (away section) by 12.15pm.

For young home fans we currently have a waiting list of Theo’s Family members wishing to Onnounce The Teams. To join this waiting list, please email [email protected] with your youngster’s name, age and a contact telephone number for parent / guardian.

Tickets for our Boxing Day fixture between the O’s and Colchester United are cheaper to buy in advance and can be purchased here.